Hello there, beautiful soul!

A little about me is that when I want to do something, I try with everything in my power to do it. Not saying it always happens, and not saying I don’t give up sometimes, but I’m still working on that. I have a couple projects that range from what I’m doing tomorrow, what I’m doing in a month, and what I’m doing in 5 years. I recently graduated from BYU-Idaho and I live in Washington state. I am 22, married to the best guy ever, mother to a 2 year old kitty, and an expert at shopping and going to concerts.

This blog/series is about 30 day challenges that can change your life. I do believe that not only can 30 day challenges change your life in big ways but you can do simple things that can create good habits.

I made this idea into a reality when I watched a TED talk by Matt Cutts – Try Something New For 30 Days. It has been a great experience getting myself out of my comfort zone and using my writing as a creative outlet.

So if you are interested as well, follow along and get some ideas of what you might want to try in the next 30 days. Get inspired, think outside of the box, and get out of your comfort zone. That’s when you start to learn more about yourself and live your life a little more courageously!


I want to be inspired by you, too. Come reach out to me with ideas and thoughts!

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