There is so much going on in our lives – always. There will always be something next, something that needs to get done, something new we want to try.

Here are some ways that I stay organized and find time in my schedule to get everything done.

1.  Write EVERYTHING down

I write down what needs to be done, what time, what day, etc. I write down my goals for the day and the week. I write down my short-term and long-term tasks that need to get done. I write down ideas, thoughts, and lists. The reason I do this is so (1) I remember it better and (2) I see it every day. I have a planner I check EVERY single day and it is essential for me getting things done. This can be done through an excel worksheet, a journal, or a planner! Whatever works best for you. Sometimes I even have sticky notes in my planner to help me plan little things throughout the week.

2. Set Reminders

I always have my phone on hand – and I know a lot of you do as well. The best way for me not to forget appointments and important dates is to have reminders set in my calendar for all the occasions. That even means I get a reminder to clean out the cat’s litter every other day, just so I don’t forget and I keep my kitty happy. If you have a lot going on it can get overwhelming, so I try and just do really important appointments that I can’t forget and have it remind me an hour before.

3. Take an hour of my weekend to clean.

This sounds silly, but honestly it is SO helpful. Having a clean home to get work done in is so important for me being productive. And taking an hour or two out of my weekend to clean things up (vacuum, dishes, laundry) helps my week go by a lot smoother and give me comfort that I have already gotten that out of the way (for the most part anyway). I feel more positive waking up to a clean house, coming home to a clean house, and getting work DONE. I definitely feel more accomplished when I’m in a clean space.

4. Meal Prep

Though I don’t do this often, I think it is a really good one. For example, for awhile I would make a simple smoothie every morning to be able to get some greens into my diet and not have to think and stress about what I would have in the morning for breakfast. Only three ingredients, and I always knew I had them on hand for the morning. I still do it every once in awhile, but when I was doing it every day it was extremely helpful to keep my morning productive! Freezer meals are also a good option. I have only done it a few times before but it is nice to be able to just pop your freezer meal in the oven after working and being productive all day. Sometimes prepping for a day or two is worth it to free up so much more time during the week!

5. Plan ahead/budget

Last but not least is planning ahead! Always looking forward (not to forget your daily tasks/goals) is important because then you are not surprised when things pop up, or you are well prepared for surprises anyways. It helps with procrastination and you will feel so much better when you are ready for it. I add budgeting to this because when you plan ahead for things you should always include your finances. Like I said, it is always better to feel prepared. Especially when it comes to money! We have a separate savings account for car problems because we seem to be prone to those issues, and luckily it has come in handy as of late. We were thankful we planned ahead for these possible expenses. I’m also thankful when I at least feel as prepared as I can be if something goes wrong, or something goes NOT as planned. Because that happens, life isn’t perfect. And you can’t plan out every single detail of your life and expect it to go exactly that way – because it won’t. But at least you have a comforting thought that you did what you could, right?

This month has been overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting. I’m very, very ready for it to be over. But I’m also really proud of myself and thankful that I’ve been organized and doing well with my time management! I knew I would have to be to be able to get all my schoolwork done, and things are going even better than planned. Sometimes that happens too. Life is crazy!

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