Since my early days of earning income, I have always been a spender.

I have always enjoyed retail therapy and think I always will. But, it is so important to look back on what progress has been made and what needs improvement in your life.

Talking about shopping – I used to spend my money just on things I wanted like clothes & shoes. I used to buy something I wanted right when I saw it, not really worried about the amount of money I spent on one piece. Now I only thrift shop or shop on sales (or just really good deals I can’t pass up). This is one way I’ve learned to save my money and still get that retail therapy I need every once in awhile! I have been doing really great and throughout the past year I’ve done a good job on only going shopping when I feel like I need something, and buying things I want only when I haven’t in a long time. If you ask Mykle he will know – right when we got married we were getting Amazon packages at our door all the time. But 2 years later I am buying things that are worth my money and will last!

As I’m doing my finance check for the week, I see that me & Mykle have done really good on not spending money on food. We were spending a lot of money on food, and we were okay with that, but the past few months we have been eating more at home and not buying random treats at the store all the time. This has saved us so much money and I am always happier when we find something to make at home rather than going to McDonalds (yeah we did the other day and it was not good, even though it was convenient!).

Something I saw this month ESPECIALLY that is important is our savings. We do set aside money, and we always have a certain amount in our account, but we had a LOT of unexpected expenses this month. We had to pay for medical bills, Mykle had to go to the dentist because one of his fillings fell out, and we had to get new tires for one of our cars because we are going to be moving and driving through snow. These were all necessary, but they were very unexpected! *Also, I bought tickets to Twenty One Pilots but we both believe that those were worth it lol

So I would say that we keep improving on not spending so much on eating out (and buying food we don’t need at the store), I keep telling myself I don’t need those new clothes, and we add even more money each paycheck to our savings. That is what is important! That way I will have money to buy furniture for our new house when it comes to it & we will be able to pay our bills on time & pay off our debt quickly.

It truly is learning how to change your lifestyle, little by little to make it a better life!

Have any suggestions? Send them my way! I’ve been checking my finances weekly to go through everything and write it all down in our budget planner!

Thanks for reading!