This month has been a good one and there have been many ups & downs. Even though I haven’t been super consistent I have still learned a lot and will hopefully take those lessons with me as I continue to navigate my finances. Let’s leave this month with a positive note!

I’ve been journaling throughout my whole life, and I’ve also been blogging for a very long time.

My blog has been an incredible creative outlet that I LOVE. When I got back into blogging a year or two ago, I was dying to get traction because that’s what I’ve always enjoyed doing. I wanted to create a following, and when I started with my fashion blog I had so much fun. But I was getting so frustrated and desperate for subscribers/followers. I realized that even though I was having fun with my fashion blog, I wanted to create something that people would want to follow me specifically for. This led me down a dark tunnel of writing random posts, making & posting recipe videos, etc.

I’m not gonna lie – I had a lot of fun doing those too. I hope that I can get back to them sometime soon. But I realized my blog was so unorganized and not something I wanted to revisit after I would be done posting.

When I found what I really wanted to do (30 day challenges) and write about, it came SO easily. I haven’t been focused on my following at all and I’m just really grateful for where my blog is now and that it is just how I want it.

Even though I only have a few – I wanted to give a shout-out to my AMAZING subscribers. I’m sure you don’t all read every post or keep up with my blog that much, but I SO appreciate the support and love that you have given me as I continue to do what I love – write, engage, and think out loud.

I also wanted to thank you all so much for your patience with all the emails you’ve probably gotten from me trying to figure out my newsletter. I’m currently still figuring it out but right now I’m taking a break from constantly whacking my head against the keyboard – haha.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope there are many more opportunities that I can support you, too.

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