Happy April 1st!

Do you have any pranks your pulling today? I want to hear.

Well I have something for you, but it isn’t a prank!

My April challenge! I’m so, so excited. This quarantine has actually been really tough for me. Honestly I didn’t think our lives would change because we are homebodies and don’t go out and do anything. But even just leaving to go to work every day and go to the movies once a week has been a huge adjustment for me. I have felt this way before when I was unemployed when we moved here, so I know that it is because I’m at the house all day.

SO I thought – what can I do in this time where I have so MUCH more time to change that (or at least help)? So I came up with these ideas to bring me more structure and routine into this odd time in our lives right now.

I have created a morning routine that I hope to be able to stick to every morning. I was reading a lot of what others have been doing to create normalcy in their lives when they are staying home. There was a LOT of people who said getting ready for their day made them much more productive. And most people said that they had a morning routine they stuck to no matter if they were busy or not that day.

Here is my morning routine:

  • Wake up from 6:30-7AM (I want to start waking up at 6, so when I go back to work I will have a lot of extra time in the morning, but I don’t want to put pressure on myself to do so right now)
  • Brush & floss my teeth (I do brush my teeth normally, but flossing is a good habit that I always forget about)
  • Take a cold shower (I usually shower at night, but since I have more time in the morning I figure why not try this out – I have heard good things about it)
  • Do yoga/stretch outside (Because I’m always inside, it is good to get fresh air in the morning)
  • My 30 day fitness challenge (I’ll share what I’m doing, it is super simple and only has a few things to do every day)
  • Eat breakfast (Something that makes me feel good – like a smoothie or a bagel. We had poptarts and snacks for awhile and I don’t want that to be the first thing I eat in the morning)
  • Set priorities for the day

And then every day, I want to do these things:

  • Read 20 pages of SOMETHING. I got a book from the library right before we were all shut down so now I’ve got some time to read it, but also articles & news works too. (Or listen to an educational podcast)
  • Start an online class (I’ve been trying to do this since before the new year, but I haven’t pushed myself too. But now that I’ve got the time, I hope that I can get it started now)
  • Work on a side project every few days or once a week (This was part of my challenge last month – I want to learn a song on the ukulele, guitar, or design something – something creative)
  • Do something that I enjoy every day (Like play on my switch, dance/sing, something like that!)
  • Eat fewer sweets & eat more fruits/veggies (We don’t really have a whole lot in our house but I’m hoping that we can move away from all the sweets. The past two weeks I’ve been eating so bad, because we bought a lot of snacks and treats before quarantined and that’s all I’ve been eating)
  • If we have to go to the store, I’d like to walk there. It isn’t TOO far and it would be a great way to get my steps in as well as getting fresh air.
  • Drink more water (I already drink a lot of water, but staying at home I haven’t had as much consistency as I would like – so I’m making it a priority that I always have a water bottle in the fridge and so I can swap them out throughout the day. Also gets me off my desk chair probably every hour to refill the water bottles and switch them)
  • Play with the cats (For the first week of quarantine I did really well with this, and I think it helped the two cats get along a lot better. They were playing well together and they didn’t “fight” as much. I’m hoping to continue to play with them throughout the day and whenever I have time so they get their energy out positively)

I hope you can join me in doing some of these things while we are stuck in our homes. I have to say I’m extremely grateful for what I have in my home, that I have a home, the food I have, the husband that takes care of me and keeps me company, and technology for giving us entertainment and also being able to still connect with family and friends. And also the fact that I am able to work from home and help the company I work for. I am hoping to take advantage of the extra time I’m getting and making good use of it – I hope that you will too. Let me know what you’re doing to stay structured and keep your sanity!


Thanks for reading 🙂


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