I keep saying that I’m going to start saving money, and I’m going to make it a challenge for all of you to join along with me. I will, at some point. I just keep getting distracted and not having it ready! I really am excited for that but almost put the blog on hold for awhile, since that’s pretty much what I did for the month of July.

This might seem like one that I always try and do – but it is an important one nonetheless. For August, I want to be more mindful. I want to wake up every day and really appreciate the things around me and that I’m alive and well. Not to say I’m not appreciative, but being consciously aware and grateful is something that I want more of.

So here we go! A new month means a new challenges awaits all of us.

Throughout my college career I learned about how to communicate in personal and professional relationships. That’s pretty much my entire major, but I do focus on social media and digital marketing (that has nothing to do with anything here, but just wanted to throw that out there). In my learning of communication and self growth/development, I found that I yearned to continue my education and to better myself with it. I wanted to actually apply what I had been learning about communicating in the workplace to the relationships I have now – whether it be professional or not.

Being mindful is a step in the direction of finding out who I am and what I want to better myself to become. Here are a few things that I plan on doing throughout this month to be more mindful:

  • Meditate. I did this for one of my challenges but I wasn’t very consistent with it. I did notice the difference it made with how I felt, though. With the stress of school, work, and life weighing on my shoulders every day I became easily overwhelmed. While in school I began to feel it was my identity, and if I didn’t get things done or if I had a big assignment coming up I hadn’t started I would immediately get overwhelmed. Meditating helped clear my head and give me a few minutes to physically and mentally relax. Sometimes I would even schedule time for me to “relax” but all I would do is think about all the things I would have to get done, and so relaxing was even more stressful for me. Even though I have that huge weight of school off my shoulders, the next chapter in my life will also be stressful (I’m not saying stress is so bad. I think it is very healthy and helpful!) so I will want to find a balance in taking breaks and working.
  • Social Media Breaks. This may seem, to me, almost impossible because that’s what I do. I work on social media, I enjoy social media, and it takes up a lot of my day. I love learning about it, and a lot of the times what I’m reading is ABOUT social media. But this is something I really believe is important BECAUSE of my relationship with social media. As much as I enjoy it and want that to be my career, it can’t be my entire life. Even if I have to schedule those breaks, and time them, I am going to do so. And not even just breaks from social media, but my phone all together! It is definitely a resource I’m grateful for, but if there is an emergency in those break times I’m always with my husband and he has his phone on him as well.
  • Journal. One of my favorite things I used to do was to journal. I loved to write what I was feeling, and working through them on my own. Sometimes it takes talking to someone to understand a concept or a thought, and for me a lot of the times it helped just by talking it out with myself. Writing these down hasn’t only helped me understand things about myself better, it has been enjoyable to look back over the years and read all the experiences that I’ve gone through. I am very sad that I haven’t kept a journal throughout the past few years, but I hope to start back up again to remember why it was so important to me years ago. I just went through the most beautiful, wonderful, difficult, and growing part of my life so far and it wasn’t written down (I mean, there are snippets here and there on the blog). I don’t want to miss out on any more learning experiences by not writing them out. I think this is a great way to be more mindful, because I’m really taking into thought of what I’m doing every day and all my interactions.
  • Gratitude. A little like having a journal, I like to have somewhere I write down what I’m grateful for. Whether it be every day or every week, I think it is important to sit down and think about the incredible blessings I have in my life.
  • Money. Money is something that has consumed me a little bit because as I grow older, I understand its value more and more. Okay, I wouldn’t say consume, but I desire it more than I did years ago as a teenager. I like to be able to splurge from time to time and not be so worried about being under-budget for the next month. Luckily my husband is an amazing saver and has taught me so much about money, so we have always been in a good place financially. But I would like to not think about material things as much as I do, I don’t want to desire things that I don’t NEED. A big part of that is making sure I’m spending money on things that I need, and then I can see on things that will make me happy or make my family happy. I need to prioritize a little better! This is just the start before my savings challenge in a few months.
  • Taking Care of Myself. I have always thought I was someone who takes care of others before myself. I might have been that way, but I think as I became busier and I moved away I stopped doing that. I focused a lot on myself, which was needed, but I let go of some of those characteristics of being a care taker. So this month I want to take care of myself, to make sure I’m in a good enough state before I take care of others. But in the hopes of doing this, I can reach out to more people and take care of those in need. I do think the cliche phrase, “You have to love yourself before you love others” is real. I have grown a lot in the past two years, but I’m hoping to grow quite a bit more so I can give more love to those that deserve it! I have always loved taking care of my husband. He has held my hand through all the tough times in the past couple years and I could not be more grateful to have a better companion!
  • Being Present. This is so important in being mindful – what is going on around you? I want to make sure I’m really being AWARE. I do think I have been ignorant or oblivious and I want to do better by that. I want to be more in the moment and be present in living my day. I think by doing this it will be easier for me to find the good things I have in my life and recognize/acknowledge the not so good. By being present I want to be able to understand others more and find ways to help what might be negative in my life.


If you have any ways that you are mindful, I would love to hear them. As this month goes on I’ll be sharing with you what I’m learning and what has worked for me. And yes, I will be doing the money saving challenge – but probably not until October, so, stay tuned! September will be a fun month too so you don’t want to miss out.