I actually don’t think I’ve ever been this busy, or felt this overwhelmed with what is going on in my life. As much as I have said I’m busy before, I am feeling truly busy now. Something that I’ve learned: I can push myself to new limits every day. I’m incredible! That is one positive thing I have to tell myself to get myself through the work week sometimes.

– Random tangent: I saw something the other day on Instagram that said, we are always waiting for the weekend 2 or 3 days out of the 7 days. We dread the week. This is something that we need to change, because every day should be something we look forward to. Having a positive outlook can be hard, but it can be done! Change your mindset.

I have cried multiple times in the past few days. It may be because it is that time of the month, but it may also be because I am not grasping a few of the concepts I’m learning in my courses – and that has been very frustrating to me. I’ve been pushing the blog and my challenges to the back of my to-do list and my mind since this semester has started.

Just because I’m busy, I don’t want to forget about what makes me happy. I’m using this weekend to get ahead on homework and to truly understand what I’m learning in my classes. I’m using this one weekend to get things clean around the house. I’m using this one weekend to stay up and plan out my meals, when to pick up my groceries, and what I’m going to wear for the rest of the week. And hey, did you know that is part of my challenge this month?

And you want to know something? Using this ONE weekend out of many this month I’m making my life a lot easier. I’m making my week go by smoother (with the occasional hiccup) by spending my time being productive this ONE weekend. Even though I have to sacrifice time with my husband, playing games, doing what I’d rather be doing (watching TV, let’s be real) I will have more time throughout the week to get better grades, spend quality time with my family, and be able to do things every day that make me happy. I’m not going to be stressed because I procrastinated my art project, or that I didn’t post this week.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from practicing time management is that sacrificing time one day will give you so much more time to do things you want to do another day. Not only that, but you’ll feel better! You will feel more prepared and to take on the world. Half of the battle for me with my homework is getting things started, because once I start a project I like to finish it in the same sitting. But things don’t always work that way. I’m writing this up on a Saturday night, while my husband gets to play this game he’s been wanting to play I have started a few of my projects and I hope to have most of them done by the middle of the week.

And guess what is the middle of the week?

WEDNESDAY. My unproductive day. Which hopefully I will be able to do 🙂 If you aren’t following me on Instagram, I explained what this day means to me. It doesn’t mean I’m completely unproductive. I still have to go to work and do the things I have to do every day. And sometimes, I do something a little productive that takes me ten minutes that will help me feel more relaxed for the day. It means cleaning up and feeling like I can relax! A little about me – I have had bumps on my legs for my whole life. I think I might have found what it is, but still not 100% sure. Anyways, I have heard that if you take 20 minute baths every week it will help them not be so dramatic. I did that for awhile and I loved the result. I’m hoping to do that again! So I want my Wednesday’s to have my 20 minute bath. I can do that if I follow what I am supposed to do the days prior!

Again – if you have any tips about time management, organization, etc. please send them my way. I’m currently taking all my courses (only 3 more weeks of my coding class!), working part-time, about to start up a social media campaign, and still trying to make this blog the best it can be. I’m so excited for next month’s challenge. I want you ALL to join along with me. In the next few weeks I’ll be hinting to what it might be and then I will reveal it to you if you’d like to join me. I’m going to have some downloadable elements so you can easily join me and check in often. I had to share because I’m very excited. Yay!

Also, enjoy the picture of me at the Farmer’s Market this weekend! It was right down the street from my house so me and my hubby walked there to enjoy some food, people, and the beautiful weather! Glad we were able to fit that in on our busy Saturday 🙂


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