I shared a little of this on my Instagram stories – if you didn’t read it I’ll just tell you real quick. If you did, skip down a little! The other morning I had woken up late and just started getting ready for work. I fed the cat, got my lunch ready, and then was deciding if I had time to make and eat breakfast. Since one of my past challenges, I have been really trying to eat breakfast EVERY day. I had about 15 minutes. So I thought the easiest thing to make would be eggs. As I was starting to make them, I looked around and saw how messy my house was. I thought, Great. I’m going to come home to a messy house because I was too busy to clean last night. I knew the dishes had been getting done fairly quickly, but I knew if I let them stay they would end up getting worse and we would be back to where we started. And, I hadn’t done my challenges and I had been forgetting about them. So the first thing I did was meditate – just for 2 minutes. I focused on my breathing and tried to clear my head. And after those two minutes, I was ready to take on the world!

I quickly moved all dirty dishes to the sink, all dirty laundry to the bathroom, and put all our hangers and trash away. I unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it with dishes, started the dishwasher and wiped down the kitchen. I finished cooking and ate breakfast. I then moved on and cleaned up clutter and put the laundry in the washing machine. I cleaned out our cat’s litter box and put new litter in.

You know, I always think when I look at my house it is going to take me SO LONG to clean and I better schedule in some time to get it done. And really, I didn’t clean EVERYTHING that morning and I didn’t take the trash out, but that was only in about 10 minutes that I did all of that. I changed my mindset and my perspective. I knew that I could get those things done, I knew that I could come home to a clean house if that is really what I wanted. And that’s what I did! And when I left I felt confident, satisfied, and prepared to take on the day. Something as simple as meditating and cleaning can change my entire mood. Isn’t that crazy?

Well, I’ll talk to you guys more about that later. But for now, just know that even though I’m not keeping up with my challenges how I want to, the times I do it has created an extreme impact. And by changing the way I think can change my whole perspective.

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