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My challenge this month was to be more mindful. If you haven’t read it, you can do so here. This is just a check in on how I’m doing it and dealing with things.

Something that has really helped me is creating a new morning routine. The first thing I would normally do is roll over and check my phone, which in some cases, wakes me right up with the bright light. However, I really wanted to make it a big deal to give my mind some rest in the morning before immediately looking at social media. So even though it has been a little more difficult for me to wake up, I don’t use my phone until about 15 minutes before I leave. I have certain things I have to complete before I can get on my phone, and I have been doing well to sticking to it.

Meditating has been hard for me. Just getting the will to do it to clear my head. I’ve been praying every morning which has been nice for me, but I would also like to take five or so minutes to meditate. I feel really scatter-brained and have been this past week. But I’m hoping to regain some focus and motivation – and maybe I can do that through meditation. I know it has helped me before, I’ll just need to push myself to do it and get in the habit of it.

Something that I have noticed is that I’m much more aware of my actions (whether this be what I eat, what I spend my money on, or how I interact with others) but I’m less concerned of any judgement from them. On and off I will worry about what others think of me, but I have been just trying to be more open and I think it is doing some good. I do care of others opinions, but not always of the opinions of me when I know I’m doing my best to be happy!

I have been really blessed to have time to read some books that I’ve been wanting to get to, and do research and learn more. I also think that is something that has humbled me a lot!

And throughout this month I have been able to spend so much time with family and honestly it has been so awesome. It will be a couple more months until we see them again but it is good to be reminded that quality time with family is the best way to spend your time. As much as I love TV, I’m learning to love other things more and prioritizing things in my life a little better!