To those of you who haven’t checked, or who aren’t doing it, GO LOOK AT JUNE’S CHALLENGE.

It has only been a few days but I’m already loving it. It has been fairly easy and simple, but I’m getting sore. Since this week is/will be/has been so busy I’m not going to do my three days of cardio. My younger siblings are in town and I’ve been sick for awhile now and I just want to take a step back.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything. I’ve been following the challenge and I do three sets of what is asked each day! Mykle did it with me for a few as well.

You know what they say – you never regret working out. I think that is so true, it is just the motivation to get me to the gym or to do a work out at home that is the most difficult. Once I’m doing it and after I’m done I’m so happy and proud of myself. I feel so much better and know I’m progressing.

I like this challenge because you really start off fairly slow, and as the month goes on it gets harder and harder. And since these are smaller work outs, you don’t have to commit to something so time consuming but you are grateful you are doing something a little active every day.

It is important to stay active, and I know with all this technology and TV and work and school it can be really difficult to do that. I wake up – do homework online. I go to work – do things on the computer. I come home – I want to relax and watch TV. It is a constant battle to find time and energy to do something active.

That may seem like I’m lazy, but I don’t know if you know that doing work, even though you are sitting, can be extremely exhausting. I’m not about to go do an hour work out when I’ve spent 8 hours doing schoolwork. It just gets so tiring, I want to have some time to relax and cool off.

And honestly, I believe that this month’s challenge has been a great start. These past few days have only taken me a few minutes to do, but still get my body moving. And as I’ve said, it will slowly get more difficult and I will progress even more. For those of you that are doing it with me – you’re awesome. I know you can do it! We can do it and I hope it makes us that much more motivated to be active every single day.

I also suggested that on your rest days you do something to keep you moving as well, but not so much as a work out. Do some light yoga! I would do those on my off days when I was working out before and not only did it get my body moving, but it was extremely relaxing. And for that, you can always look up easy/beginner yoga on YouTube and find something simple.

This week is again going to be short and sweet, but I’m hoping you are staying caught up through my Instagram and Twitter (P.S. LIVE STREAM COMING SOON TO A MOBILE DEVICE NEAR YOU. Keep your eyes and ears open to know when I’m going to go live!). If you have any questions feel free to send them my way.

Thanks for reading!

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