I’m SO happy with the results of my routines. I always look forward to having my skin and teeth clean and happy! Definitely makes me feel ready to take on the day, or time to slow down and get some sleep at night.


Have you heard of it? I found this account on Instagram and I’m always drooling over their food photos. They have a meal plan for healthy eating that I’ve been really wanting to try. But, guess what, you have to pay for it and I am poor. I’ve seen some really incredible transformations from it though!

They are AMAZING and they have a free week of meal plans and how it all works online. So, this week, I’m going to be doing that week of Clean Simple Eats! Even though it is a bit more money than I normally spend on groceries, I’m really excited to try it. If I’m spending a lot of money on food, I should be spending money on food that makes me feel good!

Every weekend we eat terribly, so I’ve been really wanting to have things planned out for what we are going to eat and stick to it. Sometimes I buy some things and then they go bad because I never use them to cook! But spending so much I’m hoping will make me want to use the ingredients so I get my money’s worth.

Taking care of yourself is being physically healthy, not just mentally. I want to keep me and my family healthy and live long beautiful lives together! It is so important to remember to take care of your body. I’m one of those people who always has some kind of physical pain or issue (in my head or real), and I believe that half of those problems would disappear if I’m eating healthy and taking care of my body.

Have you ever tried Clean Simple Eats? Or have you ever done a diet?

I’m gonna be honest – I live for food. I love good food so I have never tried or been interested in going on a diet LOL.

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