Last update on my challenge for March: I have been LOVING this whole working out thing. It was really nice to go work out with my hubby every day, it has been hard to get ourselves there but we have been doing it and we feel so good. We still don’t eat very healthy, but we have been doing really great not eating out. We only eat out if we can get it for free or super cheap somehow. No fast food or sit down places. We are becoming so much more conscious of what we eat and how much we eat, which has helped me feel a lot better and portion better! I used to feel sick because I overate, but I haven’t been feeling that way. I’m excited to keep this going and continue on this healthy journey!


It’s been very clear to me that I need change from time to time to function!

Having these different challenge have been very helpful with that, I have appreciated the extra time I have been able to spend doing it.

If you’ve been reading, I recently have become unemployed because my branch closed and I was going to focus on school for a few weeks. However, I like working! I want to get back into working and want to learn. I’m ready! So I’m hoping this month is a fresh, new slate for me. I have a lot of plans starting up and I’m so excited!

I’ve always had big ambitions, it’s time to start making those dreams a reality 🙂

Anyways, THE CHALLENGES. 30 days is a long time. This month, I’m going to be doing WEEKLY challenges. I want to mix things up and try things out for a shorter period of time.

This week I’m going to be more family focused. My family means EVERYTHING to me. My husband has helped me through so much and has taught me things I thought I already knew. He has been my biggest supporter and just my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without him. It is time to treat this sweet guy of mine!

We are usually so busy with school and work we usually just want to watch TV when we are together and relax. But since I’m home all day, when Mykle gets home I want to get outside and do things! I get tired of watching TV. So this week I’m going to be trying to plan out activities for us to do together that doesn’t always have to do with TV. He’s going to be my main focus this week (along with homework/finals) and I just really want a week to appreciate him and all he does for me.

I know this isn’t really an extreme challenge, or what I usually do, but this gives me something to come back to.

P.S. I do have to say though, it is going to be somewhat of a challenge because Mykle really loves TV. Like, a lot. And we are almost caught up in Game of Thrones so that is usually all he wants to do, because he works so hard at work it is hard for him to have the energy to do much when it isn’t the weekend. Yesterday I already started the challenge, I was getting so bored of watching TV! We went to a movie and out to eat and then went hot tubbing. It was so much fun! And then it was okay to go home and watch TV. The hardest thing is to find things to do just us that doesn’t cost us any money. The only thing we go out and do is movies, because we have a AMC movie pass that lets us watch 3 movies a week. We have been trying really hard not to eat out, and we have been doing really well – we just had a gift card so we used it yesterday. If you know of any free or very cheap activities for couples to do, let me know!

Alright, sorry for the boring post today. Had to be done, I’ll give you more exciting information next week!

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