Everything comes to an end at some point, and in about a week the June fitness challenge will be over.

I hope for all of you who were doing it along with me had a lot of fun and will continue your own fitness journey AFTER June. I have felt stronger and more healthy by doing this challenge. I have been held accountable to this challenge and I feel like I’ve been doing a great job. I’m honestly very proud of how far I have come, and how much I WANT to go and do these exercises.

I might find a different month long challenge just like ours for next month, so that I’m doing something different but still sticking to something that gives you exercises to do every day. But I have to say, I have really loved this challenge this month! I want that motivation to stay with me.

In reflecting on this challenge, I was realizing my WHY’S for my motivation in becoming more fit. To me, the first thing I thought of is that I wanted to be skinny! I wanted to look in the mirror and be really proud of what I have done to change my body. That may seem, what’s the word, materialistic? But I believe it was a big motivation for me to continue going to the gym on top of the exercises. Another one would be how I feel. The first few times I did these exercises I was extremely sore. After continuing to do them every day I have felt stronger. I really feel the difference which has been incredible. And yet another one is that I miss playing soccer! And when I played soccer I wasn’t really fit. I want to find a team either this year or next year and feel really energized and ready to play. I always felt like I was running out of breath and I was so sore every game. I would like to change that, and ultimately feel better altogether.

I think as I keep going and continue to do these thirty day fitness challenges it will keep me motivated and entertained while becoming more healthy! I do think the good thing about this was that it was a different exercise every day, even if they repeated. And I believe one of the biggest reasons I stayed is because it starts off fairly easy and slow, and as the month goes on it gets more and more difficult – but your body is getting used to it and becoming stronger.

Now, onto the next challenge! So excited to share more and give the big “reveal” that hopefully you will all join along with me! (You probably already know what next month’s challenge is, but it is still exciting each time I talk about it!)

You may have noticed, you may not have, but I haven’t been adding images to my posts and I haven’t done a podcast in so long. I’m hoping to explore more with photography for the blog and add more podcasts, but I am not sure when I will have time to get back to it. But it is on the back of my mind, so I’m hoping I can find some time this week or next week to get things back on track! But, the actual challenges are the most important right now 🙂

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