If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been gone for a little while and now I’m back!

I took a little break from writing blog posts & creating content on Instagram for awhile. I had two different challenges for November & December, but knew I really needed this break to get back to what I love doing.

I will still continue my break on my 30 day challenges (thinking about changing some things up / not sure what direction I want to go right now with this), but for this merry month of December I’ll just be purely writing – which I hope that you will still enjoy.

But don’t worry, and don’t go away just yet – January 1st will be a new challenge that you can follow along to. But for now, please stay tuned & continue reading the fun posts I have for this month!

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and really take some time for yourself. That’s what I did. My husband and I moved from Washington to Texas (so it was a crazy time for the both of us getting ready & actually making that long drive) and we spent really needed quality time with both of our families. We are so grateful to be able to see our families as much as we do, so it was nice to be able to not worry about anything else but them.

Fun side story: As we were visiting Mykle’s family at the ranch, Mykle and I got hit by a deer while driving! We are both physically fine. Our car got a little banged up and unfortunately the poor deer did not make it, but he did not suffer for very long. I’m a little traumatized but it just has made me more and more thankful of the people around me and the life that I’m living! And we will definitely visiting the ranch again soon, it was so much fun and just a great place to be. Can’t wait to share more about our adventures!