As you’ve probably read from My Love Letter to Washington, moving to a new state was really amazing and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I loved going through new adventures with my best friend. Our new adventure was to move to Texas! There are a few reasons why we chose Texas. We knew that it was a lot cheaper to live here rather than in Washington, we would be close to family, and again – it would be new for us. Even though Mykle grew up here, we are planning to build our own life here together and it is new for us as a couple.

This is a place for new starts and our new lifestyle! As we are still young and in our 20’s, we want to travel. But we also want to have secure jobs, build our savings, and hopefully start a family here. Our year away was good for us to get to know each other so much better, but we are still figuring things out.

Texas is a real new start for me. I loved Washington and think I would have loved settling there. But I would have felt trapped financially and I was always missing family. This past year, in July, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree! I loved being student (for the most part) and I am really proud of myself for doing it.

Right after I graduated I was applying for jobs in the field of what I wanted to pursue a career (digital media marketing/social media marketing) but wasn’t finding a lot of luck. With my temp jobs, I was able to find an internship opportunity that was incredible! I was working at this organization part-time and doing my internship part-time as well. It was perfect for the situation I was in.

After my temp job ended, I was full of excitement of the move, new job opportunities, and my new skills from my internship. So, I started applying to jobs in Texas.

And I applied to more jobs.

We moved, and we stopped in Utah to visit my family.

And I applied to more jobs.

Then we finally got to Texas, Mykle starting to work the very next day.

And I applied to even more jobs.

And now, here I am, applying to probably 20 jobs every day and getting more and more discouraged.

So what do I do when I don’t have a job and I just moved somewhere that I don’t know very well? (And to add onto that, my car had to be taken in to be fixed because of the deer that hit us)

I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I want to do. I’ve been able to start some online courses for social media marketing (to get some certificates & gain more knowledge on the industry), I’ve been able to write more, be more creative in random projects, and plan! Even though this has been a hard time for me personally I have also found that it has been a growing experience. And to not give up! I know that it can be hard, and it can be really hard right after college. I worked really hard at school and I want to put that effort into working. But for now, I’m going to continue applying to more jobs, I’m going to find more ways to build up my resume & continue my education, talk to people in my industry, learn more about it, & keep going.

I saw something on Instagram the other day that I really liked though. I have been trying so hard to be productive and do all that I can while I don’t have a job. I wake up early in the morning and I try and get things done! Which is something that has helped me and I believe it will be worth it to be working so hard now to get a job. Although, I’ve been a little sick the past few days but feel guilty not being productive during the day, especially when Mykle is working. But what I saw on Instagram was someone saying that you SHOULDN’T do that thing today. DON’T go get it, girl. You take time to rest. Take time for yourself. I think that was important for me to hear, because it has been discouraging and I keep pushing myself to do more and more. So this Saturday morning that I’m writing this I slept in & told myself I can be productive just if I FEEL like it today. So I cleaned a little and got ready but otherwise I’ve been taking a slow, restful day so far.

So all in all I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and worked for – I’m grateful for our move to Texas for our fresh, new start. I’m glad that Mykle and I are going through this together. And I’m glad that I’m continuing to push myself to go do something every day. But every now and then I’m allowed to take a rest. Especially since I’m not working – since when I start working I won’t have this luxury of deciding what I want to do every day!


And just a side note: I’m thankful for this blog, and that I’m able to write and talk about whatever I want. I’m thankful for those that listen and I’m just thankful for this platform to get these random thoughts out of my head every once in awhile. Thank you for reading!