I was listening to a podcast (What We Said Podcast) and one of the girls said that they feel like they get a better workout if they are at the gym or go to a class, instead of doing one at home. I definitely love at home workouts but I definitely agree with her in that I feel I am doing more somewhere else.

So today I’m going to talk about different ways you can be active outside. If you aren’t a gym person but still want to be active, this post might just be for you to give you some ideas & inspiration.

  • Play a sport. My husband and I have gone a few times to our local soccer field and kicked around a ball for awhile. We run/jog but it isn’t that intense of a workout – but still keeps us active and entertained. It doesn’t need to be a full on scrimmage to be active, but if we had people we would probably be playing games more often! But it is fun to just go and mess around with the ball for an hour or so.
  • Ride a bike. This one might be super obvious. You can take your own bike out on the trail and get a real workout in! Or, you can rent a bike in the city and enjoy the scenery, as well as getting some movement in your body. Unless they are motorized – I’m honestly unsure how those things work lol.
  • Enjoy your neighborhood/city. I mentioned this in an Instagram post – some ways I get my steps in. We went to Seattle last week and we went from parking, to the Aquarium, to walking through the Aquarium, to walking all the way to a museum, back to where we parked. It was a long and hot day! But the day was full of good company, great things to see, and we felt like we could call that our workout for the day because we did so much walking.
  • Go to the lake. If it is still warm where you live and you live somewhat near a lake – go to it. Rent out a kayak or a paddle board. My husband and I did that with family awhile ago and we worked muscles we didn’t even know we had! It was so much fun to be outside doing something different but still being active. I really want to go again, but it is getting really rainy and cold here in Washington!
  • Snow. There are so many snow activities (I’m hoping it hasn’t snowed for any of you yet) – one being just getting outside and having a snowball fight for 20 minutes. That stuff wears you out!
  • Taking walks. I know this sounds lame but it really is nice especially when it is a little brisk outside (it is pretty much already Fall here). I like to take my cat on walks with us (she doesn’t like it whatsoever) and I’ve said it before – just going to our Redbox or the grocery store for something small can be a good way to get your body moving!

So there are many ways that you can be just ACTIVE outside and also ways to get a really good workout in if you are tired of the gym. Don’t put yourself in a box! There are so many different ways to be healthy and fit and that doesn’t always have to include a gym. But for my sake, I will continue to go to feel like I’m getting a really good workout in most days, and try out these new things every once in awhile to change it up!