So! My last couple of months have been easily forgotten and for some reason really hard for me to do every single day. The point of these challenges are to help me improve myself, but also they are supposed to be challenging, hence calling them a challenge. It is creating a positive habit for my life to hopefully stay and create a good impact for who I am and my family.
Because I have not been keeping up with my past challenges very well, I decided to give myself one of the hardest and most common challenges there is:
Getting healthy
I say one of the hardest because to create balance in every aspect (physically, mentally, spiritually, etc.) can be extremely difficult. And the most common because who doesn’t want to be in shape, feel good, and just be better? My challenge this month is to be constantly searching for healthy ways to eat, to think, and to exercise. I also may or may not be making this into a TWO month challenge just to really make sure I create these habits.
I decided on this because I have been lacking when it came to my challenges, and I truly want to see more of a change in myself – and I know that I am only hurting myself when I eat pizza rolls and skip the gym every day (and have a stationary job). Because of these reasons, I have found a few people here and there to help keep me accountable. If you want to become one of those people, please let me know! I always want more recipes and work out plans! I’m going to be sharing a lot with you and a lot of really cool people you’ll probably end up wanting to follow too.
My husband and I used to work out every day for a while, and it was awesome! But really tiring. It took up a lot of our time, but I liked that we got to spend that time together and we were taking care of ourselves. And while I’m writing this, I have a stomach ache – probably because I had chips and queso for lunch, pizza last night, and Panda Express the night before. All so tempting! But I truly want to commit to this so I’m not feeling like I do all the time. Here is a small sample of what I’m going to try and do for breakfast every day!

Not only that, but I’m trying to find ways to become mentally healthy – or at least, feel better. I’ve mentioned the rut I’ve been in on and off – and as I am feeling a little bit better, I want to feel a LOT better. And I know that in some ways I can change that. So I’m sure going to try!
And lastly, I’ve been a little spiritually lost. Not to say that I don’t believe in what I believe in, I still believe in all of it to my core. It’s a little hard to explain where I am, but I want to get back to all of it and everything that I believe in. It’s always been very important to me, but I have lost focus for a while.
You might be thinking that it is a lot to commit to. And it is! These are HUGE changes that I want to implement in my life, but I am already so excited for it and can’t wait to see what positive improvements are coming for me and my family.
If you want to join along in this challenge with me (or any of them, I know I listed a few…) you should. Let me know, and we can do this together and create a wonderful life full of positive habits!
And if you have any recommendations for healthy eating, healthy living, or working out – please send them my way. The more help the better!

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