Guys I have been reading a “textbook” which has been so great that talks about personal growth. It is called Inner Victory, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before. I want to let you how awesome making and writing down goals are!

Again, I’ve talked about this. Writing down goals is very important but I was reading in this textbook of mine and it reminded me just how important these written down goals are.

So this month, as many months before, have/has been a struggle. Being unemployed is a little difficult for me, I don’t get everything done efficiently (as in, I pace out all my homework throughout the week instead of working ahead), my house is messier somehow, and I get super bored. I waste time! Which is what this little break was meant for (to relax) but I don’t really care for it.

Not to say that I haven’t enjoyed it. I love being able to take more baths and deep clean my house and pick Mykle up from work! But it just gets dull after awhile, and I miss being efficient, clean and organized.

Anyways, these goals have really motivated me for the future. I follow the SMART goals too, which if you don’t know what those are – Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Attainable, Relevant, Timely. All of these are extremely important when you make your goals! But something I also liked from the book was to write out the steps to achieve them and a DEADLINE. Don’t say someday, or when it happens it happens. Give yourself a date (general – like a year).

I’ll give you an example. Before I got married, I only saved up enough money to pay for ONE SEMESTER of school. After that, I had to take out loans. Unfortunately when I got married, I bring that debt along with me. So my goal is after I graduate we pay back all my student loans in ONE YEAR. I plan out our budget and cut costs and sacrifice certain splurges until it is paid back. Giving myself a deadline (one year) and steps to achieve increase my chances for success!

The next step is to read this goal aloud as much as I can. I try and do it every day. I have SO MANY goals I have written out like this and I like to read them as much as possible. I’m hearing it from myself every day that I will reach those goals.

This has been so helpful with my challenges that I have felt unmotivated with this month. I’m excited to say I’m back on track! I’m feeling a lot better, and I am excited for the future.