Good day to all of you beautiful humans!

And a happy new year!

I’ve had my fair share of internal conflicts & real struggles throughout this year, especially the past few weeks. But those are just opportunities to learn and grow as an individual. 2019 has been an incredible year and I’m so grateful to have spent most of it with the love of my life, and the rest with incredible new people I met & my friends and family that I care for most! And I’m so blessed that I get to be spending the year of 2020 with my family and have the support that I always need.

My biggest hopes for 2020 would be that I am able to lift others up and do more for the people I’m surrounded by.

But that’s not the only hope I have for the new year. My challenges are starting back up again! I’m doing something this month that is fairly easy, but needed. It was supposed to be my November challenge, but the time away from writing and posting was also needed, so I’m doing it now!

I’m doing something a little different for the reveal this month: a video! Watch to find out what I’ll be doing for the month AND my goals for the new year.


Here is what I’ll be following for my 30 day challenge: Scale It Simple