I am so excited to announce June’s challenge!

For my subscribers – sorry this week you are getting two emails for the blog. Next week will go back to normal!

Next month I’m going to be doing a fitness challenge following certain exercises every day. And guess what, I want you to join in on it with me!

I wanted to reveal this challenge early so if you wanted to join, you had some warning beforehand. I have a PDF that you can download to your computer or your phone with an introduction to the challenge and what it will entail, as well as something fun at the end!


June Challenge

If you have any questions, concerns, or you want to join – send me your name and email either through a comment on this post, message through the blog (A More In-Depth Welcome has a question box), through Instagram, or you can email me at brookwhitesides@gmail.com. Everyone is welcome to do this and I’m so excited to go through 30 days of fitness with you!

Just so you know – this challenge starts on a SATURDAY (June 1st). I will be posting mainly on my Instagram (@bshaywilson)for any updates, recommendations, etc. Thanks everyone!


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