So as many of you know, I was going to do a money saving challenge for July! I still want to save money this month, but I really wanted people to follow along with me and be able to keep track of their savings through something I created. I only had time to create part of this challenge, so I felt like it wasn’t ready and it could be a lot more interactive if I spent more time on it. And with my graduation soon approaching, my school work is piling up and I really need to focus on my grades and getting things done!

I am going to Utah to visit family and for graduation at the end of the month (the 20th) and my classes/finals don’t end until the end of the next week (after graduation, since I’m online). So the next three weeks are going to be hectic and crazy – and I really need to focus and stay as organized as possible.

So this month’s challenge is going to be dedicated to graduating and getting things DONE. When I leave on my trip I want to feel stress free, and when I come back I want to feel relaxed and ready to just work!

I’m going to be ORGANIZED and MANAGE MY TIME this month. I’m usually really good at this, but I think it needs a little more focus because of the madness about to happen!

Here are some of the things I’m doing at the beginning of each week:

  • Plan out each day, hour by hour of what to do
  • Put out time for each class specifically, when I will study for what
  • Do the hardest tasks first
  • Schedule time for breaks, eating, and relaxing
  • Plan out starting projects NOW to slowly work to get them done by week 3
  • Plan out any appointments or phone calls needed throughout the week
  • Plan out groceries/meals (including snacks)

Here are the things I’m doing at the beginning of each day:

  • Go over goals, what I’m doing, appointments
  • Make sure everything is prioritized correctly

Here are the things I’ll be doing at the end of each day:

  • Go over what is going to happen for the next day
  • Plan outfit
  • Any food prep for the next day
  • Clean up clutter


I’m going to be sharing a lot on my Instagram and on the blog about what I’m going to do to stay organized the next few weeks, I want to share all my tips and tricks I’ve already been doing and what I’m going to learn that will help me and my schedule. So hopefully it will help all you busy people too!

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