This on and off slump I’ve been in has been annoying. Can any of you relate?

Last week I was very overwhelmed with my assignments and didn’t really get ahead. We also had a snowstorm over the weekend, and I guess in Washington that means that you have to be really, really prepared. Luckily, our power didn’t go out! But we aren’t able to drive anywhere because the roads are all icy. And on top of that, I have been a bit sick. And then on Saturday – My site decided that it wasn’t going to let me customize it and I thought I was losing my mind. I wanted to get my mind off things and just mess around while I listened to music, but it wouldn’t let me do anything. I was so frustrated. But I was overloading – I didn’t take any time for myself, and I wasn’t really keeping up with my challenges.

I am lucky to have my cute husband to be there for me. Valentines day is always a good reminder of the people you love in your life. And a great opportunity to show those people you care. Mykle and I have a deal this Valentine’s day – we want to go to a movie, but who gets to choose? Whichever gets a better rating through rotten tomatoes will be our decider.

Anyways, one of my challenges this month is to do random acts of kindness. Valentine’s day means I’ll probably be doing conscious acts of kindness for my husband, but that also goes to the people I love and care about. Valentine’s day can mean more than just your significant other.

Part of the reason I chose these specific challenges (other than the video, in my last post) was for ME. Like I said, I’ve been in a slump. I want to be reminded of who I am, what I want, and ways to better myself. This month is about me! So this Valentines day, I’m going to do some things for myself. I know that as I continue to do these challenges, I can refocus on what I want.

A good question: Is this all selfish?

NO. It could be, but I’m not taking focus away from the other important things in my life (God, Mykle, my family, etc.). I’m just trying to find a good balance, and reminding myself that I’m important too. And finding that balance can be difficult! But I believe that these challenges are going to be really great habits to reconnect with that understanding.

So Ariana Grande came out with a new album and I have been listening to it nonstop because it has been motivating me to tell you this: Self love is essential to living a happy life. These challenges and what I have been learning in school has really taught me that understanding YOURSELF is the most difficult thing to do, but the most important so you can interact and communicate with others better. So that you can connect with people better and become more successful.

Moral of the story: Give yourself a good Valentine’s day to love yourself. Don’t forget about your loved ones, but self-care is very important too. Making sure you’re all good is important. For me, I know that if I’m not doing so well, I either don’t focus on myself at all or I am in such a pity party I don’t care for others. When I know I’ve taken care of myself, I know that I can take care of others and be there for them.

So, what else can you do to make sure you’re taking care of you? Well, depends on the person. But for me, it usually means some time with my headphones and some new smash hit – along with my amazing moves. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be dancing to Ariana’s new album. Thank you, next.