Of course, my main goal is just to have better animal/pet care in general. I love my cats and want to treat and take care of them the best I can. But here are some specific goals I want to get better at this month to give them an even better life.

  • Clean their litter box EVERY DAY. Maybe even more than once a day. I go in phases of doing really well at cleaning out their boxes, I think I did a lot better when there was only one of them. Cats are very particular about their litter boxes, litter, and cleanliness. Which I can easily understand! I usually clean out their litter box every other day or every couple of days. But wouldn’t it be nice for them to ALWAYS have a clean box? So I think once in the morning and once at night would keep everything a lot nicer, and my cats satisfied!
  • Play with them together and play with them separately every day. These cats really love to play, and they need to get their energy out! They LOVE their naps and to snuggle, but they need to time to play with me every day. They also need their time to learn to play together as siblings, but also have their own time playing with me without the other one. Cora is very high energy and she takes over playtime, so I like to have playtime with Luna first, then Cora to get her energy out a little, then both of them so they learn to play together.
  • Give them their space. I really struggle with this one. They are pretty needy and love to be near me, but I have to let them have their own space and not be constantly picking them up and snuggling them when they don’t necessarily want it. Also, I shouldn’t interfere with them playing with each other – or even fighting (unless it gets really bad). They can work things out by themselves, and by letting them be together alone and play together without me interfering helps their relationship with each other!
  • Groom them more often. Cats are KNOWN for being clean and taking care of themselves. Both of my cats do a great job doing that. However, I was doing some research and it said to brush your cats fairly often to get any dead skin off so they aren’t putting that in their bodies when they clean themselves. I hadn’t even thought of that. Luna has had dandruff in the past, so I like to keep her as clean as I can even though she does a great job on her own. Brushing her will be more of a priority, and we also have cleaning wipes that I’d like to use for both cats more often to get them used to it. Cora is a medium-haired cat so she struggles cleaning in certain places, like behind her ears. I want to focus on grooming them to have them react positively to clipping their nails (and things of that sort) and to make sure they are being taken care of to their specific needs.
  • Feeding them. No, I’m not saying I don’t feed my cats. I feed them twice a day! But I almost think I feed them too much food. I want to make sure I’m feeding them the correct amount. I also have had a specific feeding schedule for them that I believe has worked really well. They know whenever I get out of bed in the morning (usually around 6:30-7AM) they will be fed and then at 5PM they will be fed dinner. But sometimes Luna gets hungry at 4 and starts whining. But I try and stick my ground until 5 to feed them so she doesn’t come back whining for more later that night. So just keeping up with that is important to me as well!
  • Napping. My cats nap during the day, which I don’t mind AT ALL. Those sweet babies all curled up and snoozin’ keeps me going. I love that we have some chill time during the day. But some days, they sleep through the entire day and then at night they are very rambunctious. For the most part, they do okay – but I’d like to keep their schedule to sleeping at night with us so they don’t keep us up all night. So going back to playing with them, I want to play with them when I am active during the day so at night they are sleepy. And on top of that, I’m going to try to start playing with them an hour before bed to wear them out a little so they are sleepy when we head to bed. Luna knows when bed time is and waits for us in the bedroom around 8PM, which we love. Our baby Cora doesn’t quite have the same schedule and wants us to be playing at night! So I’ll let them nap during the day, but try not to let them nap for too long and make sure they are very active during the day so at night it is more relaxing.
  • Learn. I want to continue to learn more from other people and experts to know how to best take care of my pets. I want them to live their best life as an indoor cat and I’m still learning every day new things about them.

Send any recommendations, schedule tips and tricks my way! Teaching them some cool tricks would be awesome too. Thanks for reading 🙂