I’m sure you can all relate to this – but I have a pretty known love/hate relationship with the gym.

Let’s start this post out with a funny story. A long, long time ago when my sister was in middle school we were driving in the car together (my mom was driving, not us minors haha) and my sister said, “I need shorts for gym”

This meant, of course, that she needed shorts to wear to gym class at her school. It was a necessity before school started!

In my brain, I heard something completely different.

“I need shorts for Jim”

I asked my sister, “Who’s Jim? And why do you need to buy shorts for him?” Because if Jim was so important why was this the first we have heard of him and why would my sister need to get him shorts, why couldn’t he get his own?

This has honestly been something I’ve struggled with my entire life. Something simple like that can be manipulated in my head so I hear it/understand it in a completely different perspective.

But let’s go back to what I really want to talk about – the gym. I really, really struggle going to the gym. I always have and I think it is because I got so used to working out when I was playing soccer instead of actually going somewhere just to work out. And I think that’s okay, especially because I know that I was active when I was younger, but now I just need to figure something out to help me stay active as an adult.

Perspective really is interesting when it comes to getting fit. There are certain things that motivate me more than others to get to the gym, and they aren’t always healthy. There are insecurities that I want to change or parts of me I don’t like so I say – the gym will help! And even if that’s true, I should change my perspective to something a little nicer.

I want to go to the gym to FEEL good. I want to go to the gym to get STRONG. I want to go to the gym to CHALLENGE myself.

I honestly think it is okay for some of your motivation to be because of physical looks, but that won’t get you very far because working out for a week or two won’t get you results. It takes months, even years to see results physically with working out. So I think by having a different motivation is important because otherwise you’re not going to want to keep going.

Something that I think I’ve mentioned before is that I do better when I simply go – even with the intention of not doing anything. Some days, even if it is three or four days in a row, I just don’t feel like being active. So I’ll walk on the treadmill or I’ll do something simple. At least I’m doing SOMETHING. Because otherwise, I would be at home laying in bed watching TV and probably snacking on something. And the day I don’t go to the gym, I will NOT want to go back.

For me, I really just wanted to be able to work out three times a week. But I know for myself that I have to get to the gym literally every day or else I won’t be consistent or go back. So even on days where I should rest, I’ll try and go to the gym to do something very simple – even if that’s just do a couple push ups or walking!

So here is what I’m going to ask you to do:

  • Find your motivation. Mine happens to be that I truly want to be stronger! I also don’t want to feel tired all the time, so I’m hoping by staying active I can change how my body feels.
  • Find what works for you for a schedule. Like I said, I try and get to the gym every day. Even though I don’t always get there, I really am trying because if I go one day without it, it will end up being a few more days after that.
  • Do something active every day. Maybe you’re not a gym person. I feel like when I go to the gym compared to doing a work out at home I get a better work out in! I feel better when I leave the gym opposed to when I do a work out at home and then continue to stay in all day. But just by doing SOMETHING active that day (whether it be an at home work out, taking a walk/jog around the neighborhood, having a dance party while you’re cooking dinner, etc.) it is better than not.


Okay and lastly I’ll give you a little update on how this health journey is going for me and Mykle:

So in my first post about September’s health challenge I said that I wanted to focus more on Mykle because he has been truly committed to getting healthy. It has been very motivating for me to join along with him! He has lost around 16 lbs and I have lost around 5. We started a little before September portioning our food better and not having any junk food in the house. Then when September started we started working out and being more active – and trying to find a little bit healthier of meals. Over this weekend we fell a little bit but we are trying to pick ourselves back up and continue! It has been an incredible experience watching Mykle push himself to get back in shape. We have both talked about how we feel so much better because we don’t just eat whatever we want anymore. I will say, working out has been hard but we have really been trying to be consistent about it.


How is your health journey going? Keep me updated!


I hope you all have a great week and let me know what YOU’RE doing to stay active!