This challenge hits home right now. Mykle and I have lived a very comfortable life. We are very good with our money/savings and plan for our future. Mykle is more of a saver, and he has taught me that spending all I earn isn’t always that fun. Saving money can actually be very rewarding.

If you haven’t guessed it – October’s challenge is budgeting!

We are about to go through some changes in our life and having some extra cash will be needed. And not only that, it is always a good idea to learn more about budgeting and saving your money. We always want to feel prepared for anything financially and be able to pay our bills each month but not be living paycheck to paycheck.

We, fortunately, have not had to live paycheck to paycheck but we know that a lot of people have. But this month we are going to pretend that we are. We are going to pay bills, and not much else. I want to budget for certain expenses (Mykle’s birthday, our anniversary, etc.) but I don’t want to be buying unnecessary things.

Through this I’m also going to be trying to find odd jobs to help add to our savings along the way. I’ll be sharing these and how I like them/how they work while I do them. I’m hoping this will help those looking for a little extra cash and what jobs are really worth it. I currently work for a temp agency (Robert Half) and they have helped me find really great positions for what I asked for. I just got done with an assignment last week, so I’m hoping that they find me something quick before we move. I have had a really great experience with them so far and for awkward time frames they have been extremely helpful! If you know of any odd jobs for extra cash, let me know – I’m going to spend most of my extra time trying these out to give us a little more cash for our move.

I also purchased a budgeting planner awhile ago and I have been dying to use it. I’m going to be honest – we don’t budget, we just forecast. Which has been very helpful in knowing when we need to lay low or when we can spend some extra money. But I don’t track my spending very well and I want that to become a habit. With this planner (Clever Fox) I have the opportunity to track my loans, debt, spending, and my savings goals. I’ll make sure to show you all the ins and outs while I’m at it.

I’ve been wanting to do this challenge for a really long time, and I’m so glad that I’m finally getting to it! I’ve been putting it off for so long and just spending my money. It is much, much easier to spend when you have a goal in mind! Don’t miss out on the posts for this month. Even though I’ll be busy trying to save and make money, I have some really great money saving tips that I’m going to dive into!

Here are some bigger goals that we are looking forward to by learning about budgeting and saving our money:

  • Pay off any student debt
  • Pay off our cars (both of them)
  • Buy a house in 3 years
  • Have a good savings for any emergencies – at all times

We look forward to these things so we can feel even more prepared for the unknown of our future, but also so we can enjoy things like a forever home and maybe a new kitty. We have been so lucky to not have to feel worried about money all the time, but we don’t want to! So we are going to start learning to budget now so we don’t have to be afraid for our future 🙂

So – are you ready to start saving?!