Good afternoon and happy Labor Day!

This whole weekend has been very relaxing and a great opportunity to spend as much alone time as possible with my cutie husband! I’m very grateful for long weekends like this to truly do whatever and just spend quality time together.

Alright – now to what you’ve been waiting for! I know I haven’t been as active about my challenges but I’m hoping to change that and get back in the game. So, for September’s challenge, I am going to GET HEALTHY. Remember when I tried this before? It was a little too much and was a bit overwhelming. This time will be a little different.

So my challenge really is for my husband. He has been wanting to lose some weight and feel healthy again. We will be following his journey with eating better and working out! But I will be doing this with him because getting healthy is always something I strive for. So together, we are hoping to get back in shape, maybe get on a soccer team (and feel good about it), and have a healthy eating routine.

So for the next 30 days you will be seeing workouts, how to eat/cook simply & healthy, and how we do this together! We have kind of already started, but I’m really jumping in now. He started a few weeks ago just correcting his portions when he ate, and we have just started to go back to the gym. We have already been feeling really good!

Here are some things we have started doing that we saw made a difference:

  • Portion control. For my husband, he always eats my leftovers and we both eat more than we should for meals. This usually is because of dining out all the time and always having snacks in the house.
  • What’s in the house. For the both of us, we would eat when we got bored. This, for me, is especially true. I’m always eating and snacking, and so whatever is in the house is very tempting when it comes to treats and goodies! So I switched out all our snacks in the house for fruits and veggies. I still don’t really eat veggies, but Mykle ate them right up!
  • Cut things up. Cutting up those fruits and veggies into bite size pieces made it more appealing, for some reason. I found myself not craving sweets as much when I had all those sugary fruits to eat! But when they are cut up I can eat a lot, so make sure when you cut them up to portion them in containers!
  • Going to the gym, even if you’re tired. Something that I know for myself is just getting to the gym is important. Even if I feel tired and say “I’m not really going to do anything.” Sometimes I get there and feel more motivation to push myself! But sometimes I don’t. For example, yesterday, I really didn’t want to go to the gym. We went and all I did was walk on an incline for cardio and then do our abs after. Even though it wasn’t much, it was so much better than just laying in bed all day! Something is better than nothing.
  • Get outside! We usually have plans of laying around and watching movies and TV shows. For us, that’s what we like! But getting out of the house every once in awhile really helps us be more motivated to do more walking around and get out in the sun 🙂

I will also be sharing this journey through Facebook, Twitter & Instagram as well as the blog. You can always follow along through there and come here for updates and other posts that aren’t related to the challenges!

Are you ready to get healthy?

Grab a buddy and follow along 🙂


P.S. To my subscribers, I have been experimenting with a newsletter as I’m sure you know by now. I’m sorry for all the messages to you throughout the process. I think I’ve figured it out, and I’ll be sending my first one out next week! Not this week, but next week, please let me know if you get any emails from my POSTS. I want to change to just the newsletter every Monday. Thanks for being so patient with me as I try and figure it out! You are all amazing though and I appreciate you.