It’s Monday morning and I have been doing homework for a few hours. I’m happy to say that this Monday is already looking more productive than my last. My challenge this month is to stay motivated, organized, and help with my time management. I may have taken each of my daily tasks a little too far.

If you don’t know, Wednesday is the day I’m supposed to be unproductive. From this, I figured that just means maybe have take out or try and get things done before Wednesday so I have time to relax.

Well, I really took on that unproductiveness and really did nothing on Wednesday. I had gotten a random temp job which I was not expecting and it messed up my whole week because of it. But should I be blaming the job? It was only about 24 hours of my week.

The job was lucky and I’m glad it ended up in my lap. I was happy to take it for a week or so and be able to interact with others, get out of the house, and get paid. However, this was my second week of school and I was already feeling a bit overwhelmed from my classes. Which doesn’t normally happen until the middle of the semester. So – Wednesday I thought, I would do nothing. I wouldn’t even think about anything to worry about, because I just needed a day off.

And this would have been okay if I had been working my butt off the days before, but I hadn’t. I did little homework before, and so on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I was still trying to turn in assignments. It was NOT fun.

And again this week, I thought I was going to take another temp job abruptly but decided against it. I am feeling relieved, but still want to make sure I’m ready for anything so I can at least enjoy my time this last semester of school – and take opportunities when they come around. I don’t want to space out my time with schoolwork just because I technically have the time. That’s what my challenge was really focused on.

One of the most frustrating things is to turn down an opportunity because I didn’t manage my time well. Because that’s on me, and I could have done better if I planned accordingly. For example, this temp job. It was supposed to be for three weeks, and I got called about it the day I started, but if I had already been ahead in schoolwork it would have been absolutely no problem. Even if I took the time in the morning (every day) during the work week I would have been okay. And now that I had another temp job opportunity, I turned it down because I was feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork. If I had sacrificed my weekend to get ahead (or, caught up) I might have taken the job. But I didn’t. I barely planned my week yesterday, which is what I usually do to say very organized through the week.

Anyways – I’m hoping this week goes better. And I’m hoping you all can give me some pointers to help me out.

I’m also taking a few social media classes this semester, and I will be posting almost every day until the semester ends. The goal for me personally is to get more viewers HERE to the blog to read the posts and follow the challenges. I’m hoping to get people on board to do the challenges with me. However, for my class, the goal is to create a bigger following on social media – which I’m hoping will turn to them coming here. So if you don’t already, this will be happening on my Instagram and Twitter account which is linked below.

I’m trying to find more content to put out there, and more images. I’m struggling finding inspiration and time to do so. That’s why there is a random picture to this post – hopefully I will get better as time goes on and you’ll see a little more creative content.






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