Welcome to the very long and inconsistent process of my blog(s). I have gone from fashion, school, random posts, & food/recipes.


I was very unimpressed with what I was doing, but the sound of a blog sounded really fun and since then I have seen everyone and their dogs and their moms (literally) create one as well.

And by that I don’t mean I was the very first person to think to do a blog, I mean I jumped on that bandwagon when it had already been super popular for awhile. I had a blog when I was in junior high but I think that was also a time when every 7th grader had a blog as well. If I can still find it, I may link it in here for a good laugh.

Okay I found it and I was definitely well into high school and it is much too embarrassing yep anyways.

But again, I have always thought of this idea that could be something serious and become a job but also something so fun! I also am a Communications major and have been wanting to learn more about writing, blogging, editing, photography, videos, etc. Anything in the media is what I am learning in school, so I thought this would be another way to get some great experience before I graduated.

Since I am currently in school and working part-time, I won’t be as frequent as others blogs might be. I am busy, but I am excited to start this back up again!

Recently, I had an assignment where we had to watch a selected few TEDTalks. There was one in particular that I was truly inspired by, and it was talking about trying something new for the next 30 days. From here on out, I will choose a few different things I want to either create as habits or something new I want to try and be documenting it on here for you all to see.

This is a system that I have always believed in, but never done anything with. I want to try new things, learn more about myself, and create some amazing habits that will help me now and in the future.

For those of you who don’t know my me and my family: We just moved to Washington state from Utah. It has been a big adjustment, but we are excited to live in such a beautiful place and make memories and go on adventures. The bringing back of my blog might come from me being a little homesick, but also to push me to try new things in this new place.

Anyways – I may or may not be posting lifestyle pieces here and there in between. When I was posting videos of my cooking adventures, I found a love for cooking I NEVER imagined I would. It is something that I am still learning to do but that I am becoming pretty passionate about. So, I am hoping to be able to create some media skills and make more videos for you as well! (You can find my old videos and posts in the ‘Recipes’ tap)

Thanks for reading, y’all. (My husband is from Texas… Y’all just comes with that.)