For September my husband and I both wanted to do a health challenge. We weren’t feeling great about ourselves because we hadn’t worked out in forever and we ate junk food all the time. It was definitely time for a change.

For awhile we did really well – especially my husband. He lost about 18 lbs. in the last month. I lost a few pounds but I fluctuate so did I really? Haha. Well, the last little bit has been rough. We stopped going to the gym and we started eating out again! We still tried to cut our portions down (Mykle is really good at that now) but it still has been rough.

I do have to say I’m very, very proud of him for just going for it! He kept telling me that he needs to be healthier so he can live a longer, happier life with me. 🙂

Something that I have noticed that has helped me SO much is taking lunches to work. Some days I work 8 hours and some days I only work 5. But 15 minutes is all I need to eat my lunch if it is already all packed! And then when I get home I’m not starving. It has been very helpful to make healthier decisions because if I get off work starving, I’ll usually grab some Taco Time or McDonalds on the way home. Now I at least have a chance to eat healthy for dinner since I’m not so hungry when I leave.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I am not a big meat fan. I really struggle cooking it and eating it after I’ve seen it raw. Even if Mykle cooks it, sometimes I just really can’t. I know that I need protein somehow, so I’ve been doing a lot more research in how to get that even if I’m eating little to no meat! I have been open to more things and I have fallen in love with bean patties instead of burgers, haha!

Even though this is the end of the challenge, it is NOT the end of our health journey. That will be our whole lives! But I wanted to end it positively even if it didn’t go as planned. We still made some major improvements in our routines and hopefully we will continue to grow, learn, and adapt to become more healthy. Being active isn’t always easy with the idea of movies and TV, but learning about different ways to do so is always helpful. Just because we ate out and we have ice cream in our fridge right now, doesn’t mean we failed. We just need to keep trying and keep improving. That’s all you can ask for, right?

Well I hope you all continue to give me recommendations and help to become a more healthy person. Thank you for all the support and help along the way!