Hey guys! I wanted to try something a little bit different. I’ve wanted to dabble in this for a little bit and finally got to it. Not sure if I will keep up with it, or what I will even talk about. I’m hoping to stay 30-day-challenge-focused but we will see what I come up with! But the episode talks about why I have the blog, why I have this podcast, and where I might be taking it. I have a post about this, The Beginning, which you can find in the “Blog” tab at the top! But this gives you a little more sneak peak of who I am, how I talk, and why I love doing what I do!

I have another tiny little episode that I wanted to add on here because it goes off of what I said in my first episode, and talks about how I get embarrassed when I tell people I have a blog. Go check it out!


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