I grew up in the desert – Utah. When I think back on my childhood/teenage years, I really appreciated being in Utah’s little bubble. Although I have been naive and innocent, I believe that really made me feel comfortable in where I was living and – for the most part – who I was. I also said to people “I want to go here” and “I want to travel the world” but more so because I heard everyone else saying it, not necessarily because that was a big goal that I actually had. And yes, I did want to go to those places and travel the world. I mean, who doesn’t? But I didn’t even know how much there was to see and I didn’t really think it would be something that I would actually do. Always a “someday” but with not that much desire.

Well growing up in Utah I never knew that I would leave. I always thought I would stay there and live down the street from my family & the friends I grew up with.

Then, when all my friends went to college, I was a little lonely and confused where I fit in. But I still felt very comfortable and happy in that Utah bubble. And all the sudden – I was going to BYU-Idaho!

So BYU-Idaho is a whole different story, but it seemed like a safe place to go since it was not far from home and also it was Idaho. Nothing bad happened there, right? Well anyways. I met the love of my life.

We moved to Utah, then Washington, and now Texas. No offense to myself, but none of this would have happened on my own. It is because of Mykle that I got to experience living in different places.

After we moved out of Utah I think I really figured out why I wanted to travel (for myself, not because others were saying it too), what was realistic of doing so, and where I would prioritize to go if I did. But ya know what is kind of fun? Moving a few states away, so when you’re driving with all your stuff you might stop in a different place or two along the way. Whenever I drive to Utah from Washington or vice versa (happened, I think, twice?) I would stop in Idaho. And then we had our longest journey yet – Washington to Texas. We stopped in Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, then Texas. And this is what the whole post is really about – the ranch. We were lucky enough to spend our Thanksgiving with Mykle’s family at his mom’s ranch in Texas.

And let me tell you, that place is beautiful. It was so fun, relaxing, and I really would have never known that I would feel so comfortable somewhere else other than Utah. I’m growing up, I know. (Don’t worry Utah, I’m sure I’ll have a post dedicated to you as well)

Sorry that this post is a little all over the place – but it’s all going to come back to Mykle every time. I’m glad we met and I’m glad I married him and I’m glad we experience new things together. The ranch was amazing and I’m glad we are so lucky to be able to visit! I am excited to go back.

And as a late Thanksgiving post – I wanted to say how extremely grateful I am for my life and my family. Mykle’s family has welcomed me with arms wide open and made me feel comfortable from day one. They lift us up, support us, love us, and would really do anything for us. We are so lucky! My family has always been there for us as well – always ready for us to stay with them, talk with them, and keep them up all night playing video games. I’m so grateful for my family and that even now as we continue to learn more about each other it brings us closer and more understanding of each other. I feel like over the past few years I’ve been able to get to know my siblings a lot better too, and I have loved it. I’m really grateful for both of our families and all that they have done for us. And I have to say, I’m so grateful for my little family that I’ve been with for the past two years. Mykle has been my rock, my laughing buddy, my supporter, my shoulder to cry on. And Luna has been the best little kitten we could have asked for. She is sweet, considerate, calm (for the most part), and so loving.

Also a little shout-out to everyone who helped us with our move, was excited for us, let us stay with them, and been our friend. We love you!

Please enjoy these from the ranch. I’m sad I only took out my camera once this trip, but I’m sure I’ll get lots of opportunities later to take pictures there and I wanted to make sure I was spending time with family!