Even though I have had so much time off – I have not had a whole lot of time to get things done it seems. With school (just ended the other day!!!!! This semester anyways) I did not manage my time well and so I was always hurrying to get my homework done last minute.

I haven’t been able to put in more work to the blog and the Instagram for it, which I was so excited to do before I was done working. But the picture for this post is one of the hopefully many I’m going to be working on. This was just a fun edit, I used to know more about Photoshop and Illustrator in high school but I have forgotten EVERYTHING. So I’m just messing around to get the feel of things again (P.S., if your a student they have an amazing deal of $20 a month for all Adobe programs).

Having daily routines is a part of me getting back into good time management and a better attitude! As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had some ups and downs, I’ve felt in a rut. That happens all the time. Luckily right now I’m at a high! I’m feeling a lot better about myself and about life. Not for any specific reason…. But I do think that my routines have helped with that. I have been able to manage my time a bit better and wake up and get excited for my day. I’m feeling really excited for the future, hopefully getting a job soon, and just taking control of my life!

Here’s a little podcast that I did the other day about morning and nightly routines. I want to just say HOW IMPORTANT these tasks are. My skin feels better (constant care – twice a day with my skin routine), my home feels more put together (making my bed), I’m feeling stronger (taking my vitamins/breakfast), and I love the feeling that my teeth are always clean (I’m lucky to be home most the day so I can brush more than twice whenever I want!).


I’m struggling to think of what to do next week. Let me know if you have any good ideas for me. But I’m happy that this has been going so well this week!

Do you have any routines?

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