So the past two and a half months I have really struggled keeping up with my challenges – just even remembering them has been difficult. I’ve been really busy with work, school, cleaning, and finding time to be with my husband. I told myself this month I would wake up early and do my challenges so I knew I would get them done and then I would be ready for the day. But guess what? Some days I sleep in. Some days I wake up early and take up my time with homework. Some days I get up on time to just get ready and leave. Other responsibilities get in the way of me doing my challenges.

I think that is something really interesting – because I obviously am prioritizing things every day. I prioritize my sleep some days, my homework other days, the house being clean, or sometimes I prioritize taking my time to get ready in the morning. In our household, we know that school is number one priority right now until I am finished. That’s how I get good grades and I actually learn from my courses! It has been really great the past few semesters with this mindset.

But we get the choice to choose what is most important for us, and how we spend our time. Time is hard to describe, too. We have these things called days, hours, minutes, seconds that let us measure time. And once that day has passed, once that second has passed, it is gone and we can’t get it back no matter how hard we try. So, we should make sure we are using our time wisely, and using it for the things that really matter.

For me – I think that these challenge really matter. I really think that these challenges every day will help with my anxiety, my studying, and my new positive perspective. But I’m not taking the time to do them. That tells me that something needs to change!

My family absolutely is the most meaningful in the world to me. Spending time with my husband truly, truly is my number one priority. There is a book that I’m reading that talks about time, and whether you are spending your time doing things that are vital to your life, or urgent. You shouldn’t do things that are “urgent” because most of the time they are not actually affecting your life for the better. However, some things are vital and urgent. Like – my homework. My assignments are vital to my education, and they are also urgent because they need to be turned in on time. I should NOT see them just as urgent, because I’ll wait until the last minute to get them done and I won’t learn anything. See what I mean? If you want to know more, the book is called Inner Victories, and you can get it here:

I created this blog around my challenges, and because I really believe in the good they can do. I always say (especially if you follow me on Instagram, literally every day I post on my stories) that I’m SO busy and everything is crazy and I never have time for anything. That’s obviously not true. That time is spent doing something, even nothing is spending up the time. In the morning, I can make good use of my time, and that can be my challenges!

It can be difficult but I need to consciously make the decision of managing my time to do them. I want to do it, in some ways I need to, they are vital to me, and so I will create that time in a schedule that SEEMS busy but actually I waste a lot of my time.

Find what is most important to you, what is vital in your life, and make time for them. It is so worth it. Even though I haven’t been keeping up with these great challenges, when I do make time for them I can see a difference. Meditation is kind of cool?! I know I’m a little late to the meditation game, but I understand why people use it. I’ve always enjoyed writing in my journal, ever since I was younger I’ve had one. But the past couple years I haven’t. I love looking back at memories, from my perspective then, and I can learn from them. I’ve always considered journaling to be very important for myself.

One last thing – so one of my challenges is doing conscious acts of kindness. I’m not sure if I was even challenging myself to do them every day, but I have tried thinking of several and it is difficult! But I have really noticed that I do things and I am starting to acknowledge the acts of kindness I am doing every day anyways, which is really neat. Since I am seeking out those things to do, I am discovering ones that I’ve been doing all the time. Cool, huh?

Welp, better get back to work. I’m busy, remember?

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