I can’t remember which blog post it was, but there was one saying how I really wanted to get back to why I started this and why I continue to do it. A week, even a few days ago, I was feeling excited because I had several ideas that I wanted to incorporate with it. But the past few days, especially through the weekend, I was feeling… not necessarily discouraged or motivated, but kind of – just nothing. I didn’t really feel like writing or taking pictures or planning.

I get this way sometimes, but I think that’s okay. Life is full of ups and downs and that’s just how it is. AND I’ve been sick with some weird something or other and it just doesn’t want to go away, so I’ve been feeling a bit bummed.

Friday was my last day working – and possibly my last day in banking forever! It was a little bit emotional – sad and happy. I was excited to get a break from work but also sad to leave my coworkers and a paying job. And of course, I’m nervous to start a job that is different from what I’m used to. And hopefully, I’ll be much better at whatever I do than I have at banking.

I’ve learned a lot and I’ve loved it! I just don’t believe that I belong in the banking world – at least not anymore. I have always loved being a teller, it is still my favorite job. When I started I thought I would get an education in finance or accounting…. What was I thinking! I really did love it. But I’m excited for what I’m studying now, and hopefully will be able to find something more in my field for experience soon.

Anyways – there’s your little update on my life. I wanted to at least get one post in this week before I take some time off the internet (other than my schoolwork, of course). I say that now, but I might be scrolling on Instagram tomorrow morning. We’ll see!

My challenge hasn’t been going great. Since I’ve been sick, I have not been able to work out. I’m in a lot of pain so it is really hard for me to do so. I even tried something short and sweet and I was feeling so much worse after that. And since my branch closed Friday, I ate terribly ALL DAY. We had snacks and treats and lunch and dinner – all paid for, so I’m not going to complain. But I’m hoping since I’m getting some time on my hands I’ll be able to learn how to cook some healthier meals and get whatever this is OUT OF MY SYSTEM.

I’m probably going to end up being at the movies all week, what else is there to do when your sick and unemployed? Alright, well I better end this here. My eyes are barely staying open as I’m writing this. Send me all your good vibes this week – ya girl needs it.

What do you do when your sick? Do you still work out? What keeps you productive all day?

Comment below to let me know. Since I’m not doing anything else, I would love to chat.


Thanks for reading!

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