This month I said – this is going to be one of the hardest challenges so far. And I wasn’t kidding.

But not because I don’t think I could do it, but I haven’t been trying that hard. I have been so excited to start but I just keep blaming it on my homework and work. Like I said in another one of my posts, I keep saying I’m so busy.

Next week is my last week working as a temp, and I’ll be searching for a new job after a couple weeks. I really wanted to be able to get a routine in WITH work and school because I want to know how to do it while I’m busy. I’ll tell you this – it takes so much hard work. But, I’m going to be taking advantage of my few weeks off by hopefully feeling like I need to work out or eat healthy by the time I’m busy again.

I did pretty well the first week, but this past weekend things went pretty downhill. At work we only have one more week together, so we were celebrating a bit on Friday. My co-worker made homemade Indian food (She cooks for us to try different Indian dishes and I HAVE to eat. Because she made it for us and because it is SO GOOD) and my other co-workers brought donuts and cookies. I had a donut and the Indian food for lunch. And the next day, we were supposed to work out. We didn’t. And we rented a movie and my husband brought home snacks. Oh, and to top it off, my husband made us cookies yesterday. I was out of control!

But I have to commend myself, because I actually have been trying to cook meals. We haven’t eaten out, and we worked out quite a few times as the month has started, and I have been drinking SO MUCH water. I usually do, but I’m trying to even push that. This morning (I’m sure because of all the bad eating) I woke up feeling sick. I tried to do a little work out and I was just feeling so awful. SO I ended up giving myself a little spa morning with a face mask and a bath with my favorite bath bombs – from Gilden Supply! And like I said, I still am proud of myself. I’m being more conscious about what I’m eating and how I am being active.

So yes, this is A CHALLENGE. I have been calling these challenges every month because they truly have been for me. They are habits that I want to BETTER my life and who I am. I have found more ambition and drive in myself for doing them, and I have actually made some incredible habits that I still do now. Being healthy in all aspects of your life, having balance, is what everyone wants. And it will be the hardest to maintain.

What TV shows do you watch? My husband and I are trying to save money so we don’t get out much (and we love TV, let’s be real). So when we aren’t at the movies we are at home watching the Bachelor or Game of Thrones. If I haven’t done anything active, I want to change and start doing something while we are watching are shows.

My recommendations I have gotten so far:

  • Snacks: Frozen bananas (I love to eat frozen grapes as well)
  • I work out, or want to work out, 3-4 days a week. The other days I wanted to do something active but not an intense work out. My cousin recommended that I do yoga or take walks on those days by myself.
  • Cucumbers in your water. I have done this before and I have put lemons in my water as well. I did research and it said for the lemon water you have to be careful, the acidity of it will completely detox you if you have too much. The cucumbers and lemons are really great for your skin and your gut!
  • Another person gave me the idea of doing home work outs, and it is so much easier (if you don’t have a gym near) if you have equipment in your own home. If I had the money I would totally do that (and the space) but for now it is going to the gym since it is right next door!
  • I got another recommendation to change up your work out so you are not getting bored of what you are doing every day. Find what you like to do to be active and do it. I do lots of cardio, abs, and stretching. I am hoping to switch things up and see how I like it!

I have been so lucky to have people reaching out to me giving recommendations on snacks, food, workouts, motivation, etc. Thank you to everyone that has been following along and helping me. I knew when I started I would need help, and I’m going to need help all month, and probably help after as well. If you have any recommendations – let me know!


Hear is also a shout-out to my subscribers – I appreciate you and I am so glad you want to stay up-to-date with what I have to say. Honestly, it means so much. I posted something on Instagram the other day about international women’s day and how I am so glad I have the opportunity to support other women. I love that I am on this kind of platform for learning and creativity, and you are here supporting me. THANK YOU.

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