This might not seem so healthy to you guys, but for me it is a big adjustment. We were not eating good at all, and even though I was happy (because we were eating such delicious food) I was done feeling terrible. I wanted to be able to feel good and also not slowly gain weight. Ya know, what most people want. I would love to just eat terrible all the time and get skinnier but that isn’t how the world works. So here is the start of what I’m hoping will change and adjust later to something more healthy.

Breakfast: A rice cake with peanut butter or a spinach/banana/blueberry smoothie

I don’t normally eat breakfast, so this is another step up for me. As long as I can eat something that is quickly made I’m good.

Snack: Fruit. Usually cut up apples or strawberries.

This is when I’m at work, I’ll snack on some fruit or mixed nuts.

Snack: Granola bar

After work I’m usually starving ready for lunch, but I like to wait to eat when Mykle gets home an hour later. I usually eat a KIND granola bar, I love the coconut ones!

Lunch: Some kind of sandwich. Today happened to be a turkey sandwich. I have toasted bread (I’m hoping to switch to wheat bread soon, next grocery run), turkey, provolone cheese, lettuce, banana peppers, and a little of mustard & olive oil mayo.

Snack: Fruit & veggies

Dinner: Salad. Well, we like to at least have a salad as a side. I made a really yummy strawberry & avocado salad last week, but today we are having chicken & rice! We are trying to get better portions.

Snack: Fruits


So overall, less portions but lots of snacks. Trying to not have any processed food or eat out, even if that means we are eating a lot of fruit. It is better than the alternative, and after awhile we are going to adjust and try to have more vegetables too.



I actually wrote this all last week, and coming back to it my habits have already changed. I think I was doing better then! But we are in need of a grocery run soon so that is probably why my day looks a little different. Here is what I had yesterday:

Breakfast: Nothing.

This week I have been sleeping in, I think my sleep schedule got messed up because of the long weekend. So I haven’t really felt hungry by the time I leave. But I bring lots of snacks for the day!

Lunch: Low-fat strawberry yogurt with kiwis & granola.

This wasn’t the healthiest meal but it filled me up without me having to eat that much of it!

Snack: Pretzels

Dinner: Potstickers

This meal REALLY was not healthy and it was soooo good and I ate way too much. Something I have noticed though with how we have been eating is that when I eat too much or not healthy, I really don’t feel good after. I should have just found some fruit or veggies in the fridge to snack on instead of overeating! I also chose this because I’ve been craving dumplings for awhile, but I didn’t want to go out and spend the money at this dumpling place we like. And we happened to have these yummy potstickers in our freezer that we haven’t had in a long time! So I was somewhat being realistic by not going out to eat, but I just made too many of them!


And I would say overall we have been eating a LOT less than we were before. Mykle says I snack, and I usually would be caught snacking all day, but I really haven’t. I’ll have something very small for breakfast (when I do have breakfast), then another small meal for lunch, a snack before our workout, and then dinner afterwards. Okay, then maybe a snack after that. But our portions have been really small so snacks are pretty necessary! We are feeling pretty good right now and hope to continue to work hard and be even better! 🙂