There are lots of reasons why I haven’t posted on the blog or on Instagram for awhile now. I started a new challenge for February, cooking, but by starting it I almost set myself up for failure. I didn’t even plan a post for the reveal on the blog!

It has been a really long time since I’ve even taken a look on here, and I have missed writing. Recently I got a new job, a new cat, and we moved to a new state. I think everything that has been going on has been really amazing and very GOOD for my life and how I’ve been feeling.

Since graduation, I had a really hard time feeling good about myself and my accomplishments. I mean, my biggest accomplishment was getting a degree and it wasn’t doing anything for me. I’ve never felt like I did well in school, but the last semesters I was REALLY proud of myself for working hard, getting good grades, and working part-time. I know a lot of people can do more, but I became good at something I always thought I was bad at. And I learned so many real life lessons from college that even if I didn’t get a job in what I wanted, I would still be grateful for my experiences through those years. Anyways, this job that I got has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I studied, but I got it because I worked hard as a temporary worker and they appreciated the help & the way I worked. I’ve been really, really excited about it even though it isn’t what I expected to be doing at all! So, I’ve been soaking it all in and feeling really, really grateful. I’ve been taking the time to express it too – haha.

Since we have had more job security, we decided to get another cat! This has been a big responsibility because Luna, our current cat, has been an only child for 2 years. And we really don’t know that much about cats, to be honest! And we wanted to find a cat that needed a home and that we could take care of to the best of our abilities. She has been a fun addition to our family, but there has been a bit of a transition period where all of us are still getting familiar with each other.

And with a new cat, we wanted to make sure we had our own place. We moved into a new apartment which was stressful but also very exciting! We are still close to family so that is important, but we have a space to make our own.

So altogether, among other things, I’ve been trying to appreciate it all. I’m really happy right now, where we are in our life, and I don’t want to miss it! I definitely miss blogging and doing things out of my comfort zone – but I’m taking things one day at a time. So we will see about when I jump back into all of it.

I spoke on my Instagram stories about how I wasn’t planning on continuing with my cooking challenge for a few reasons. The ones I listed above, and that I get frustrated when I cook, and that the reason I do these challenges are to make better habits in my life. Of course, I think cooking is a big one because I’m really, really bad at it. I hope that I can cook for my family one day, but right now I’m really happy and don’t want to add the stress of learning new things about cooking when that is one of my least favorite things to do (again – not because of cooking itself, but just because I’m bad at it). Maybe one day again, I will do a cooking challenge, but now is not the time. I’m really going to do some thinking about what I want to improve on and what bad habits  I’d like to get out of my life.

Thank you for listening, reading, cheering me on. I at least want to keep the blog going, for challenges or not. As I always say – I’ll keep you posted. But we’ll see. 😉


Brooklyn Shay Wilson