There are many benefits to journaling. I know for me personally, it gets me excited about a future family and what they might read about me later on in life. I like that there is a piece of me written down somewhere, that at any time I can look back on and see where I have grown, how I need to improve, and memories I’ve made throughout my life. If you think about it, journaling is really an interesting and important piece of personal development. (Well, for me anyways)

So as to the title of this post, I know WHY I journal. But I forget, or, always push it off thinking I don’t want to do it. Earlier today I brought out my journal and spent quite some time reading about our time in Washington and my last few semesters of college. That was only last year, but it was still fun to read about. It’s going to be really fun reading back a couple years from now and remembering all those good times!

Why do I forget about it? Because I don’t want to do it. It is put away under my bed in a drawer. You know what I need to do? Get a side table and put it there for me to write in every night…

I wanted to make this post because to talk about why it is so important to not only me, but hopefully you too! And I found this amazing list of prompts that I couldn’t NOT share.

Mykle had me watch Freedom Writers the other day. Have you seen it? She makes her students write in a journal and is able to read their entries about their lives and she learns so much about them through writing. They are able to create a book because of it! The movie, and most importantly, their journal entries, are giving awareness to gang affiliations.

Honestly I grew up very naive and a bit ignorant. I didn’t really know anything about anything, and I’m still learning. So, my journal entries won’t necessarily be that helpful or bring awareness to things in such a magnitude. BUT it just really inspired me to write things down. Not only did it help bring awareness to other people, but it helped those kids cope with what they were going through. Again, what I am going through is not anything extreme or of that magnitude but I still believe everyone’s thoughts are worth writing down. Everyone has something to say!

Here are some benefits of journaling, shared from

  1. Keep your thoughts organized
  2. Improve your writing
  3. Set and achieve your goals
  4. Record ideas on the go
  5. Relieve stress
  6. Allow yourself to self reflect
  7. Boost your memory
  8. Inspire creativity

And now, here is the list for journal prompts that I love:

Because sometimes you don’t just want to write about your day, having a prompt is VERY helpful and I loved all of these. They are positive and can inspire and help with personal growth!

If you have any recommendations about how you keep up with your journaling, send them my way!



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